Twitter Reactions from NYFF Screening of LINCOLN: Response Mixed but Everyone Loves Tommy Lee Jones


Steven Spielberg’s Lincolnjust premiered as the secret screening at the New York Film Festival. We gathered up a bunch of the tweeted reactions of those who saw the film: professional critics, regular folks, even a semi-coherent Whoopi Goldberg. The response was mixed, running the gamut from “the best film Roberto Rossellini never made” to “best movie ever made for A&E?”. But virtually everyone liked the acting. Daniel Day-Lewis delivered his expected great performance, but the highest acclaim was reserved for Tommy Lee Jones, whose Oscar campaign for Best Supporting Actor apparently starts tonight.

Hit the jump for the tweets. Lincoln hits limited release on November 9, and opens in wide release for the rest of us on November 16.


Spielberg’s Lincoln turns a defining moment in history into a human story. Day-Lewis is dynamic, but it’s a great ensemble piece.

Lincoln is heavy on the politics. But I loved all the behind-the-curtain government stuff. Kushner’s playwright roots all over it.

And man, there is so much comedy in Lincoln! Spielberg doesn’t shy away from the craziness of Congress, even in a dire scenario.

Last 140 character Lincoln thought: James Spader steals the show.

Daniel Day-Lewis much more understated and playful than the scenery-chewing trailer suggests.

I loved a lot about Lincoln, especially the performances from every single character actor in existence. Day Lewis is a beast.

The perfs in Lincoln are beyond great, but films that try to do as much as that one tries to do almost always sacrifice plot & character

When Lincoln is about a man who must turn his back on himself and his own values (and family) in order to change a nation, it’s riveting

Spielberg’s LINCOLN is the best film Roberto Rossellini never made. Also one of the best Spielberg did make.

Also I think Kushner is as much the auteur of LINCOLN as Spielberg is. His understanding of myth, process, history is all over this.

LINCOLN (C). Abraham Lincoln: Vote Hunter. best movie ever made for A&E? Spielberg restrained. Musty, redundant, bearded. ddl & tlj = great

LINCOLN is Spielberg’s smallest film since ALWAYS. best when portraying a man isolated by incalculable burden. script divided against itself

Lincoln’s got the best ensemble of bearded character actors ever. The quality of the movie varies wildly based on how many are on screen.

Best parts of LINCOLN are the 19th century In The Loop you never knew you wanted. The rest can feel like a bear.

Also met @joereid long enough to form Oscar nerd hive mind opinion that Tommy Lee Jones can easily win Supporting Actor. He steals Lincoln

LINCOLN: Sophisticated, erudite political procedural from Spielberg and Kushner. Genuinely superb.

Lincoln movie is unlike any other Spielberg movie in that it’s almost entirely driven by dialogue instead of action or visuals

Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader and Sally Field are standouts in the cast of Lincoln

LINCOLN soars and Spielbergs best in years

Tommy Lee Jones, James spader standouts. Sally field is worthy too

Spielberg in definite contention for Oscar number three.

Smartly written, politically emotional. Very well directed.

I have just seen the MOST exteoadenary film directed by Stephen Speilberg & it’s called Lincoln. w/ Daniel Day Lewis who will make u forget

Anyother actor you’ve ever seen do Lincoln. It’s beyond AMAZing. Tommy Lee Jones is flawless. This is a film the likes of which hasn’t

Been seen in many years on screen. You must if you believe in the greatness of America and in all America has to offer we the people

You will want to see this. Republican, Democrats Independents ALL WILL BE PROUD.You have never seen the likes of this film and may not again

solid historical entertainment. Surprised by its humor. Better than Amistad but in same vein. 1/4

Day Lewis is v good but it’s a quiet performance without an emotional arc. Film is about legislation after all. 2/4

Tommy Lee Jones has the flashy emotional part with big scenes. He will an awards magnet this year

makes a sorta thriller out of passing law. Misses in connecting story to real people except briefly with Tommy Lee

Betting very strong Tommy Lee Jones campaign for Supporting, and DDL for Actor. Long speeches, long scenes, lots of emotion.

Lincoln was alright, Day Lewis was okay he’s done better and with better material. And it was really really slow. #nyff #lincoln

Lincoln though, my God, what a snore. Spielberg should try and stop making War Horse 2 and start making something… less generic #nyff

DDL gives a tour de force performance, to bad the film is a dullish bore. good luck getting through this one! C+

Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field are great. This could very well be Oscar no. 3 for DDL.

Spielberg has lost his touch. It’s just too dull and boring to recommend. However, Daniel Day Lewis is “the master”. hes fab

Another thing about . Tommy Lee Jones is at his best. It’s a shame it wasn’t for a more balanced movie. Give him an oscar!

A six hour lecture on the 1800s would be more interesting than . Fucking bland movie.

@awardsdaily I don´t know how everybody will see this but I think DDL was “underused” by Spielberg — Filipe Otávio (@filipe_otavio) October 9, 2012

#Lincoln was awful, one of the worst films of the year. Great work from Daniel Day Lewis & JGL though. #NYFF
— Chris Narine (@thechrisvolta) October 9, 2012

Daniel Day Lewis’ performance can’t save the 2 hour long borefest that is Lincoln. Yawn.

Lincoln is already one of the most overrated movies of the year. Sigh. Piece of crap movie.

gems like No One Lives are gonna get overlooked in place of long, comatose period period pieces with good acting like Lincoln. #NYFF

Lincoln: Daniel Day-Lewis completely embodies the POTUS. Kushner’s writing is brilliant. Spielberg works magic.



New Set Photos from Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN

by Nayla emanuele

“The remarkable period architecture found in Richmond and Petersburg make central Virginia the ideal location for this production… It’s great because as a filmmaker you don’t get always get that opportunity to film where someone historical once stood… Lincoln actually was here.”

Daniel Day-Lewis looks amazing in character as Abraham Lincoln

lee pace?